Tuesday Choices: Kind Words

It's Tuesday and I remember to choose "kind words".

Yesterday, Our Daily Bread posted "A War of Words" about being careful with what's coming out of our mouth. ODB reminded us that a small comment can start a large fight. When we, by God’s grace, choose not to retaliate with our words, we honor Jesus our Savior.

A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.
—Proverbs 15:1

How many hateful words have you uttered lately, intentionally or not? and how many people have you hurt by just speaking what's on your mind and not being concern with their feelings first?

Yes, we need to be honest and live with integrity. But I believe that the Lord gives us self-control and wisdom so we can manage our emotions before we speak or act.  Before, I was blinded by my  my own selfishness a lot of times... focusing with the pain, anger, frustration and other negative emotions I was having thus the lesser I cared for others' feelings. Therefore I hurt so many people with my words and brought shame to myself. I've learned the hard way, I was too young then. But thanks God for He is always ready to pour out His grace, there's always a new chance for us to correct the situation or at least ask for forgiveness from anyone.

So let's choose to speak life. We can be truthful while being cautious with how God's want us to deliver the words at the same time. I believe this.


I started reading Rei Lemuel Crizaldo's Boring Ba Ang Bible Mo? book last weekend and I'm enjoying every page of it. Here's a quote about Epic Failures in the Bible yet covered and redeemed with God's amazing grace. Hope to finish the book this week :D You may grab a copy of this book at OMF Literature bookshops for PhP75 only.

"Peksman, mamatay man ako, hindi ko kilala yang Jesus na yan." Deny to death. And with that, kinain niyang lahat ng sinabi niya at ang buo niyang pagkatao na nag-uumapaw sa kayabangan. Isa siyang malaki at ganap na "drowing".
(Mababasa ang buong kwento sa Matthew 26:26-35,69-74)

Sa kaso ni (Simon) Peter, bagamat isa siyang epic fail, Jesus offered him a second chance. He may have run away, but Jesus ran after him and trusted him once more. 
Simula noon, Peter was never the same.
Basahin ang John 21:15-19 at tuklasing how ‪‎failures‬ are never final.

That's it, a blessed Tuesday everyone! Be kind!

Living in the Wonder, Tommy Walker Live in Manila Concert

Good news! there will be more Pinoy Worship bands to perform at the "Living in the Wonder", Tommy Walker Live in Manila Concert which is going to happen on November 11, 2014 (Tuesday) at SM MOA Arena, 7PM. I actually mentioned about this upcoming concert in my previous post, click here. This is really exciting! Some of Bro. Walker's songs were also recorded by famous worship leaders like Don Moen, Israel Houghton, Paul Baloche and Ron Kenolly. The ticket prices range from PhP 280 (Gen Ad) up to PhP 4290 (SVIP) and are available via SM Tickets

click this image for larger view

Hope we can support this event for this comes with the advocacies of helping the Typhoon Yolanda survivors and to help support the continuous education of less fortunate out of school youths through Breakthrough Christian Academy in Manila where he is also the founder and educator. Behind this project is BAMA Events Production management (BEP) - its focus is in our "audience of One" - Jesus Christ. This is their first major event to organize and soon they will bring to the Philippines more various Christian bands, singers, speakers, artists, and others in making a worldwide impact for Christ.

Aside from Papuri Singers, Faith Music Manila and Malayang Pilipino, which Pinoy worship band do you usually listen to?

Saved Festival 2014: No Other Name

[raw post, will update... soon!]

Saved Festival 2014 #NoOtherName

SMART Araneta  October 11, 2014

Victory Worship (all original songs)

1 Faithful 
2 Radical Love
3 Jesus My Savior
4 Grace Changes Everything

1 Holy
2 Freedom is Here by Hillsong United
3 Break My Heart 
4 Set a Fire (No Place I'd Rather Be) by Jesus Culture w/ Martin Smith 
5 Esther
6 You Awaken
7 Oceans by Hillsong United

Israel Houghton & New Breed
1 Jesus the Same
2 Lord You Are Good
3 Mighty To Save by Hillsong United but in reggae ;)
4 Rez Power
5 Te Amo
6 One Thing Remains by Kristian Stanfill
7 In Jesus' Name by Darlene Zschech and Israel
8 Unknown
"I Will Live / The Atmosphere of Expectation is the breeding place for miracles"
9 Who's Report Shall You Believe? 
10 Give Thanks
11 Unknown
"Jesus, You'll never forget... You never failed me yet"
12 Risen
13 New song...
"our God is great and glorious / Able to save and deliver us / Our God reigns"
14 New song...
"Your grace is chasing me down / Goodness and mercy following me down / I can't outrun Your grace"
15 Covered
16 Medley: That's why I love You / You Won’t Let Go? / I Love You Lord
17 Your Presence Is Heaven
18 New song...
"So Amazing, so amazing / Your love for us is overwhelming / How awesome is our God"
19 (I Am A) Friend of God
20 Not Forgotten
21 Jesus At The Center
**I'm not super familiar with Israel & New Breed's songs that's why I'm having a hard time figuring out the titles of some songs. But some of the new songs are for the Alive In Asia album which they also recorded live at Araneta that night for the upcoming album cover, now that's really exciting! Kindly message me if there are mistakes with the setlist, thanks!

Notes: Wow! Intense worship event! It started on time! at 7:30PM and ended at 12:30AM! How about that? 5 loooong hours for Jesus Christ alone! I pray that everyone will continue to worship and pray to Him with so much passion.

My second time to hear Francis Chan but the first time was via radio I think. I'm amazed for His boldness. From the way he speaks - I believe he does not compromise his faith and the truth (Word of God) to win other's favor. I'll write about his message later.

lights pa more!!! ^_^

Israel & New Breed as they performed their last song. #AliveInAsia

Pink Helmet

THROWBACK.  It was definitely this day, 10th of October… 8 years ago. Your pink helmet was the last thing I saw before I woke up in the middle of the road – my first accident. I was in my fourth year in college, first semester and it was our finals week. I decided I'd ride the train that night so I'd go home quick.

The traffic light went red, the jeepneys stopped and I crossed the pedestrian but in few seconds, I saw a flash of your headlight and there I told myself… “He's too fast. No, he's not slowing down… he’s going to kill me”. 

orig photo source

Everything went black and I woke up.

Blood Moon tonight

Yey for tonight! My first time to witness a total lunar eclipse... amazing!!! though noong una hindi ito maaninag pero sa time na fully covered na ng shadow ang full moon, ayun! malinis na ang kalangitan ^_^ Kakatuwa, ito yung bonding moment namin ng nanay ko sa rooftop kanina tapos nag-pray din kami ni nanay sa kung anong plans ni Lord... sabi kasi prophetic ito. Si Lord lang naman may hawak ng buhay natin at sa may control sa mga nangyayari dito sa mundo. May His will be done.

the second half in gif format ;)

May powers ka to be #SuperEpic!

Throwback muna tayo, isa sa mga pinaka-masayang Vacation Bible School (VBS) namin sa God is Sovereign Church - AG ay noong summer 2013 na ang tema ay "Sidekicks Reloaded" ng CSM Publishng na sumesentro sa pagtuturo na kung ang mga superheroes ay mayroong kasangga... at si Jesus Christ na ultimately powerful ay meron ding sidekicks at tayo yun! At ka-partner Niya tayo sa pagtalo sa mga super villains na sila Erfa (fear), Dubot (doubt), Tristmus (mistrust), Bellerion (rebellion) at Eil (lie). Iba yung impact ng VBS na ito noon kasi mas maraming masasayang awitin at may instructional videos pa ng dance steps, pati yung bawat motto at memory verses na iniiwan.

At ngayong 2014 naman ay isang aklat na inilathala ng OMF Literature ang nagsasabing "May powers ka to be #SuperEpic!" at isinulat ito ni Mighty Rasing(napapakinggan ko rin siya minsan sa 702 DZAS' Family Matters program). 

Manipis lang ang librong ito with 106 pages; madaling basahin lalo na't naka-Taglish at madaling makaka-relate dito ang mga mambabasang mga batang 90s, sumusubaybay sa mga kwentong superheroes at mga taong feeling hopeless na para magamit pa ang buhay upang makagawa ng pagbabago dito sa mundo at di pa nadi-discover ang sariling abilities at powers inside! Katulad ng nasabi ko sa nakaraang post ko, ay hindi naman talaga ako familiar sa maraming superheroes at sa buhay nila pero sa aklat na ito, marami-rami rin akong nakilala sa kanila tapos maganda rin ang ginawang paghahambing at paghahalintulad naman ni Sir Mighty nito sa kung ano ka at nasaan ka ngayon. 'If you know your SuperEpic purpose, it would be easier to sacrifice and give it your best shot sa practice and training. Yung purpose mo ang magbibigay fuel para makapagliyab ka nang hindi nabu-burnout.'

Discounted books at PCBS bookstore

Hello book lovers!

Good news! More affordable Christian books on sale!!!

Though I'm not sure if all PCBS (Philippine Christian Bookstore)  branches offer discounted books at the moment but their store at Farmers Plaza Mall sure does starting today, October 1 until October 15. Sayang, unavailable pa rin ang Lovestruck Sakit Edition book pati He Can Catch You When You Fall ni Miriam Quiambao. But I'm really happy to find Pastor Ed Lapiz' books on sale, parang halos lahat naging PhP100 -- sulit! I bought his "Bago Tumalon..." book, Grace Gaston-Dousel's "True Love Weds" also for PhP100 and a couple of children's books with cute illustrations: "Stories Jesus Told" and "Noah's Ark".

[We should not deceive ourselves into thinking that we are strong enough. At that moment when we least expect it, we may just be caught unaware and fall. "Don't be naive and self-confident. You're not exempt. You could fall flat on your face as easily as anyone else. Forget about self-confidence; it's useless. Cultivate God-confidence. No test or temptation that comes your way is beyond the course of what others have had to face. All you need to remember is that God will never let you down; He'll never let you be pushed past your limit, He'll always be there to help you come through it." (1 Corinthians 10:12-13 (MSG) ~True Love Weds on temptations/Walking on a tightrope.

While Bago ka Tumalon book features the following interesting topics:
- 10 Questions to ask before committing suicide
- An anatomy of sorrow
- A closer look at depression
- When alone and lonely
- When down and out
- How to climb out of the pit
- How to maximize happiness
- Panalangin para sa mga nalulugmok at nawawalan ng pag-asa

Go visit and find more books at PCBS Farmers Plaza store.  Heyho to all friendly staffs! ^_^

Ayan... nakabawi rin to purchase some books kahit di ako nakapunta sa MIBF this last month. Okay, dapat madagdagan talaga ang sipag ko sa pagbabasa at willingness na tapusin bawat book. I have this bad habit kasi na kapag halfway na ko sa book - I get bored ako and then I switch to another book, eeer! I know, I know... this should not happen again. >_< #projectimprovementforbettercurly soooon!

Anyway, adding up to my Wednesday happiness... my McDonald's hot fudge sundae overload =P umaapaw o!