KTnxBye Mario and Hello to OMF Lit bookshop, happy to visit again

Okay, I failed to visit MIBF 2014 (Manila International Book Fair) at the SM Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City last September 17-21. Though my initial plan was to go there on a Saturday afternoon to meet and greet some of the OMF authors but due to tropical storm Mario, our home in Marikina City ungratefully welcomed at least four feet of flood water inside but still praise God, it's lower than we had during Ondoy or Habagat season. Again, my mother and I were just stuck at the second floor that Friday. Thanks God we're safe and special thanks to everyone who prayed for us. Then we did major cleanup during the weekend.

Marikina under state of calamity.

But there's still good news for me, OMF Literature bookshop extended granting discounts for new released and republished OMF titles from September 23 up to 30, 2014. And so last Tuesday night, I visited their branch at Il Terazzo, Timog and bought some books with 30% discount. Anyway, the new Lovestruck book Sakit Edition (with violet cover) of Pastor Ronald Molmisa is not available at the bookstore yet. I'm excited to have a copy of it, feeling ko makaka-relate ako ng sobra haha! But for the mean time, let's enjoy the sample chapter (available for download via OMF Lit), click here for the link. And of course, marami na naman tayong mababasang #hugotquotestokeepinmind mula sa Lovestruck book like...
"Lahat ng nag-endo kailangang maayos na maisara. After that, move on na!"
"Don’t forget the golden rule: iwas asa, para iwas nganga."

Light Network Bloggers Meet-up

Yey! At last, I got to attend a couple of bloggers meet-up! Yesss.... "blogger"! Haha! After some years after I wrote my first blog post until many visited my page from time to time until this week, I can finally say that I'm really glad I decided to write my curly thoughts. And I really want to give all the credit to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who is still walking with me in this journey. I'm blessed to meet awesome bloggers in person! We had so little time to share about ourselves and our blogs yet we had fun, got inspired and felt "connected".

And so this is the Part 1 of my story, all glory to God!

On September 10, 2014 I met with Light Network staffs Ms Ella and Sir Next, Tommy Walker's Live in Manila 2014 organizer Sir Bong, and my new found blogger friends Aira of amaeguerrero@wordpress and Joseph of transformedtobetransformer@tumblr. According to the email, we're invited to join an intimate gathering of Christian volunteer bloggers in Ortigas and when I arrived at the coffee shop, we're only few in numbers yet when the intentions, visions and personal testimonies were told... just amazing!

from L-R: Bro. Next, Bro. Joseph, Sis. Aira, Me, Sis. Ella, Bro. Bong

I Am A Christian Blogger

"We buy into what others say about us, or we put restrictions on ourselves. What's worse is that when you consider yourself unworthy, you are putting limits on how God can work through you!

When you give up on your dreams, you put God in a box. After all, you are His creation. He made you for a purpose. Therefore your life cannot be limited any more than God's love can be contained.  I have a choice. You have a choice."

In my previous post, you just read about "God's box of surprises for me"..and I'll try hard to describe what my Maker is doing in my life right now.. I remember my prayer since February 1... "Lord, surprise me. Let Your will be done. Let Your purpose prevail." then last July 21 I added... "Almighty God, do as you promised."

Upon waiting for God to reveal His plans for me, just last weekend I received a couple of letters for me.. Surprise! I got invites [as a blogger... as a CHRISTIAN blogger]!!! Wow! Blogger pala talaga ako at may naliligaw pa pala dito harhar!

And then I prayed for it... should I confirm my attendance or not? I did my devotions and even asked for little go signs like getting permission to leave early at work. And the peace and joy of the Lord came to me. Truly, everything works together for good to those who love God according to His purpose.

And so I went to the first meeting at Ortigas with new blogger friends Joseph and Aira, sir Bong and Light Network officers Bro Next and Sis Ella. And I felt really blessed to hear their exciting news and testimonies. I'll talk about these on my next post, very exciting!

Meanwhile, on my way home from the meeting, the Lord reminded me that my influence as a Christian blogger is not pea-size actually but rather larger than life since the online blog is on the worldwide web.. maybe I got few visitors everyday but I do not know how many I am reaching with and how my random posts affect their lives... and because I blog about something ... it's now not limited inside of me but exposed to many who use the internet. My blog, my words, my faith and my influence are now outside the box. Okay, this is serious, I thought for a moment. ...with greater power comes greater responsibility.. familiar e? very true!

Clay Art in Process

So there was the girl in her curly locks and she actually thought of closing her blog down.. she was losing her vibe lately and could not find any word to write.. but no, His Potter had another plan in mind.. He is still at work with His clay, He is holding her carefully.

Then the girl who always prays to get better is now with a box of surprises...yes, very unexpected plans by Him is now an art to her sight. She feels excited and starstrucked at the same time.

How great Thou art plays in her crazy mind. Only a God Like You is the music of her heart. Would you mind checkout these songs?

Carrie Underwood with Vince Gill How Great thou Art 

Only A God Like You | Tommy Walker

bg photo sky stairaway via  writing.wikinut.com

RANDOM FINDS: Positively good apps

Hello there! I'd like to share some Android applications I enjoy the most everyday. Hope you'll love these too! 1,2,3.. go!

First, is the +Positively Pinoy app and website by UCB Media Philippines, featuring the Edge Radio and Word4u Today. I actually already mentioned about +Positively Pinoy, remember my Passion Manila 2014 concert experience? Yes, this ministry gave away some free tickets then and I won by downloading their app and by answering why I'd like to go to Passion Manila.

I listen to Edge Radio since some years through a local FM radio station but the program was gone for reasons I don't know, I think it was the funding support plus it was not as popular as the other entertainment programs, hmm? Anyway, since I learned about its comeback I listen to the Edge everyday at work through their website then I use the mobile app at home. The staffs communicate through their Chatbox and here you can request some Christian Contemporary Music. You may request for 5 songs at most daily. I remember the first time I heard Aries Sales' Nyebe via 702 DZAS My Inspirations Unlimited radio show and I immediately requested it at +Positively Pinoy and as fast as they could, they have Nyebe na! And now it's one of the most played OPM song there, go check it out and find more Christian OPM songs. I also requested for forKingandCountry's Fix My Eyes song before and they're very thoughtful to grant my request. Thanks so much the Edge, you're very kind and I really love you! 

I really recommend this app for you to try especially if you really love Christian music and want to have a positive day. There are different segments on the Edge Radio like Focus on the Family, exhortations by Nick Vujicic, Max Lucado, Billy Graham and more. Plus, you can be a member of the the Edge Music Crew here, you can vote for monthly top songs and exclusive “first-listen” opportunities with new music. Cool, di ba?

Second, the Bible app by LifeChurch.tv. Here you may read and follow devotional plans by several Christian ministries; I’ve read some by Passion, Hillsong, Joyce Meyer and Max Lucado. Find lots of Bible versions and some are also available for download. Highlight and bookmark your favorite Bible verses and share them on social media as well. Of course, I still prefer my Bible in hardcopy but having it on my mobile is useful too! I just can’t use the search menu when I’m offline huhuhu. But overall, this is a good app. 

Third is the ODB appOur Daily Bread by RBC Ministries. I have my 2014 devotional book but I also like to read ODB online.  At least now I do not need to connect on the internet just to see their posts. Once you access a specific month, it’s automatically saved on your mobile. Actually, some of the quotes I put on Textcutie app were from ODB. And now, ODB has an additional feature – the Insights, here they discuss some Bible History/Hermeneutics to have in-depth study of the daily devotion, very helpful indeed!

Lastly, the Textcutie app (Instagram Text Maker) – an Android application that makes every quote, word and Bible verse that I’d like to share online very easy to create and design through its user-friendly menus and cute themes. I've actually made a lot of word art already, some you’ll see in my previous post.

But I'm not sure if this app is still available via Google Playstore but I still super love it anyway ^_^

Anyway, here is a batch of Textcutie images I made before, I also pinned some quotes here. So get ready for a load of inspiration!!!

We make our choices everyday: let’s live and stay positive everyday!

God is ever-present and I believe that these apps are made to bless more people and spread not just positivity but God’s Word and unfailing love. Let’s support such ministries. God bless!

POEMATIC 09.03.2014 No More Damsel in Distress

Your shadow of fears swing under the moon

The deafening silence of future makes you swoon

But be quick to conquer all your anxieties tonight

For tomorrow there are more battles to fight

And I promise you together we will thrive

Keep the faith; I know we can stand alive

~Madz Madaje