Better Finds: Ruche Summer 2011 Lookbook

 all images via Ruche

Such lovely faces and I find Ruche's Summer 2011 Collection very fun! Check out their Lookbook!

Protips: Be Strong and Courageous

It’s Sunday again and this morning, my co-teachers and volunteers will have orientation for the Sunday Bible School for kids in our church will resume in two weeks.

I’ve been so busy lately and my mind’s filled with worries and unhappiness due to stress and my father’s sickness. Yet God has been always faithful to us and thanks to the Holy Spirit for constantly reminding me that God won’t never leave us nor forsake us. And He always has a reason behind all difficulties. We just need to keep our hopes up!

So here’s another Protips by Miss Maloi Malibiran-Salumbides via DZAS AM Station last July 14, 2011 called “Be STRONG and COURAGEOUS”.

Be STRONG and COURAGEOUS. Yan ang utos ng Diyos kay Joshua na maging attitude nya as he led God's people in the exciting mission of reaching the promise land. Kung ikaw ay nasa chapter ng buhay mo na parang ikaw si Joshua, meron kang bagong responsibility at medyo ninenerbyos ka, basahin ang Joshua 1:6-9.

Earthquake at 1:18AM July 26 2011

1:18 AM and we felt the earthquake here in Marikina! I was praying that time when I felt my bed shaking and saw my globe on top of my cabinet also moving. And there I went to my parents' room and saw the antenna of their TV also moving. CONFIRMED, there's an earthquake. Scary. Then after few seconds, I think for more than 40 seconds, we tuned in to the news via radio and the reporters were already talking about the incident and they guessed it's a 3-4 magnitude. And said that according to Phivolcs, the earthquake's scope was as wide as it was felt also in Baguio and Davao.

Could not access now and no news yet via GMANEWS.TV nor ABS-CBN NEWS .

Thank God we're safe. We hope that nobody was hurt in the earthquake.

UPDATE: see trending reports at Twitter / GMA News.

Preliminary reports from PHIVOLCS: intensity 3 earthquake in Quezon City. We will post more details as soon as we get them. 17 minutes ago

YouScoopers from Metro Manila, Cavite, Laguna, Pampanga, Bulacan, Olongapo and Tarlac report feeling the earthquake. Chime in use .

Preliminary reports from Global Seismic Monitor indicate magnitude 6.0 earthquake hit Luzon 1:15am. It lasted between 2-3 minutes. 

Why We Love Manila Contest

"Why We Love Manila" is a positivity campaign promoting METRO MANILA; headed by Erika Hoffmann (a 20-year old German-Filipina from Ateneo) and Feanne (a 23-year-old Filipina artist from UP), supported by the Department of Tourism. They are having an online contest where you just need to send a video of yourselves to saying why you love Manila.

click image for larger view / Why We L♥ve Manila Promotional video, watch it at Youtube
The grand prize winner who gets the most “Likes,” along with five special winners chosen by blogger judges Carlos Celdran, Tricia Gosingtian, Regina Belmonte, Niña Sandejas, and Seph & Shai will be awarded.

Prizes include cash, free hotel accommodations and other merchandise from CityPoynt, Team Manila, and White Knight Hotel.



Entries will be accepted until midnight of September 22, 2011. 

1. Record a video of yourself telling us why you love Metro Manila. 
- Use any kind of camera, even your webcam or mobile phone camera. 
- Be as creative as you like, but let us see your face and hear your voice somewhere in the video. 
- Keep it family-friendly! 
- Minimum video length: 30 seconds; maximum: 10 minutes 
- Only one entry per person. 
- The contest is open to all individuals, locals and foreigners, residing in the Philippines. 
- Group entries are not allowed. 

2. Upload your video on our Facebook. 
- "Like" our co-presentor CityPoynt's Facebook page, 
- "Like" our Facebook page, 
- Upload your video on our Wall on 

3. Tell everyone about it! 
- Once you successfully upload your video on our Wall, click "Share" (the small blue link appearing below your video) to share the link to the video on your Facebook. 
- Ask people to "like" your video. Only "likes" on the video itself will be counted. "Likes" on links to the video will not be counted. 
- Remember, people have to "like" the Why We Love Manila Facebook page first before they can like your video! 
- You can share the link to your video as many times as you like! You have until midnight of September 22, 2011 to promote your video. 

The Grand Prize will be awarded to the person whose video receives the most "likes". 

Special Prizes will be awarded to the people whose videos are personally selected as favourites by our partner blogger judges: Carlos Celdran, Tricia Gosingtian, Niña Sandejas, Regina Belmonte, Seph Cham & Shai Lagarde. 

We have one (1) Grand Prize package consisting of: 
5,000 Cash in Philippine Pesos from 
5,000 Gift Voucher from 
Two (2) Nights' Accommodation for Two (2) Persons at The White Knight Hotel 
Team Manila Merchandise 
One (1) Case of Yeo's Juice 

And five (5) Special Prize packages, each consisting of: 
1,000 Cash in Philippine Pesos from 
1,000 Gift Voucher from 
Team Manila Merchandise 
One (1) Pack of Yeo's Juice 

Curly Me: A Portrait

Line Drawing done with Adobe Illustrator then colored at Adobe Photoshop / sorry, di talaga ako mahusay mag-render at di pa rin ako masyado marunong sa paglalagay ng shadow hehehe... unfamiliar palagi sa source of light!

happy 1st birthday bettercurly!

cupcake vector by shery k designs / colored by madz madaje

Thanks everyone for supporting my blog site! This started just a year ago to make a project-slash-developing a habit for 21 days to become a better me. I believe I did succeed. I focused on beautiful things then and tried to post something every day, for 21 days. I never knew my would have a 42,000+ for a year. And yes, let’s all be better! God is too good and we have lots of blessing to ignore.

We all have hard times but God is always faithful. He’ll help you go through any other situations with a smile on your face.

Then I would also like to thank all the people who helped me promote this site and I am also glad to know that some are enjoying the tips and random things I post. And all my friends and loved ones who moved and keep inspiring me.

bettercurly is done with chapter 1 and may we have more posts to share and enjoy with! happy reading!

FAITH is not spelled D-O-U-B-T

Doubts are meant to be doubted; Beliefs are meant to be believed. ~ Pastor Rick Warren
Things are still not good about the condition of my father. He is still hospitalized and every day we witness him struggling to stand and walk by himself, tell stories while missing some verbs, nouns and adjectives... he looks at you with his eyes not comfortable to see but he gives effort to pay attention to your own words.

He is my tatay (father). He remains to be an encourager despite his situation. I praise God for giving us a loving parent. He doesn’t fully understand what’s happening yet he is telling us he wants to accept things especially the abnormality of his sight. I love him so much, we all do.

We keep on praying for miracles to happen, sickness be healed, broken hearts to be comforted and souls to be saved. God is at work, we believe in our faith. God is able. It’s just as humans, a simple “how are you?” and hug could be good remedies at the moment. But your prayers would be the best help that we need now. So thank you, for everyone who still cares and prays. God bless.

Your Prayers are Needed

My family and I are in deep pain right now. We brought our dear Tatay (father) at the hospital for the second time and this time, it’s more serious. Ever since I could remember, the Tatay I knew never got sick, never got tired. He was always strong and courageous. He loved to tell jokes yet he could easily lose his temper. He was never confined at the hospital until this year’s Father’s day due to high blood pressure. I cried the first day he stayed there, seeing him helpless and with dextrose at the same time. My family prayed for Him and that may God give him healing. The heaven answered and so he was discharged after 3 days but since then, things about him became not normal. He hardly could walk and move. He could not read nor watch TV due to doubling vision. And he was not okay. He is really a very hardworking father and he became more stressed thinking of how he could be a burden to us even though we encouraged him and made him laugh. It’s mild stroke, we thought. Things got worse until this afternoon: his right eye turning inward became invariable. My mother went to my aunt doctor and asked her for consultation but upon hearing of my Tatay’s condition, she asked my mother to bring him right away for checkup. Then they’d found out that his BP was abnormal again. His diastolic pressure was extremely higher than usual so we rushed him to the hospital tonight.

Honestly, we were financially struggling now. His previous hospitalization and personal difficulties cost us large. But even we get worried from time to time, we believe in our Father in Heaven’s supervision and provision. We tried to cheer him up tonight. Thank God, my ate was there to crack some jokes, for I could not talk but cry only. I could not comfort Tatay like what my ate is capable of. Tatay also worries about the billing but we assure him that we could surpass this, like what we said – our God is the great providerHe had a CT scan and X-ray. We waited almost 4 hours for him to be confined. My ate and I went back to our house to pick some essentials and then back to the hospital. His eyes were back to normal and so was his blood pressure. After half an hour, my ate and his husband plus I left the hospital. But few minutes after I arrived home, I received a text message from Nanay (mother) saying that they received the initial result of the CT scan. Father got his brain damaged. He is now incapable of doing things like he had before. He should not be left alone. He is now not able to walk without guide. He is under observation. After I read her message, I just cried. I could not accept it. I got scared. I am still scared. I feel sorry for my Tatay. Surely, his ego would hurt him. He was strong, he was happy and we were happy. Things were commonly predictable until this happen.

But my family won’t give up. We will pray harder and I asked my friend to include my Tatay to their prayers also. Thank you so much to everyone who sent their support already. We need more courage and hope now. God is at work. He is compassionate. And things happening now will give us reasons of His good, acceptable and perfect will. Jesus is our rock and His blood never failed us. This misery may last for this night but we believe that His joy will come in the morning. My Christ is mighty to save. He loves my Tatay too and He will take good care of Him, we believe.

And to encourage myself, I watched the video of Hillsong’s the Desert Song story. It’s about Jill McCloghry’s pain and trial of losing her first baby named Max --- a week before the recording of their album “This is our God”. She shared how she felt about that and how she chose to overcome fear and sadness with God’s promises. Jill inspires me and so are the many people listening to the Desert Song. And I totally agree with her. It’s normal to get sad and frustrated when expectations fail us but it doesn’t change the sovereignty of God and who He is.

I will rejoice.
I will declare.
God is my victory and He is here.