BETTER FINDS: Giraffeees

Random giraffe stuffs/decors featured by Maddie (a designer and momof Lil’ MagoolieHer blog is really interesting --
like a candy store!   

Yellow, brown, I do not like
But your bellowing spots are like magic to me
Tall and feeble, that’s what you are
You’re gentle but this mad world is a danger
Come see me, let’s runaway
Hurry, don’t be asleep
They’ll take you away from me

[words by Madz Madaje]

BETTER FINDS: Symptoms of Social Media Addiction

Column Five gives the
Symptoms of Social Media Addiction with an infographic
and for the netizens to find out if they'll be needing DETOXIFICATION!

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Good thing I do not have a Twitter account. I know myself and I find anything new to me interesting. But I am planning to have a Tumblr account... teka, ano ba meron sa Tumblr na wala sa iba? and how to maximize my Blogger account?

Bubbly Saturdate 03.26.11

It was Saturday and I was busy procrastinating until my ate called me after lunch time, asking if my niece and I have "lakad" since her daughter already took a bath and was waiting for me to pick her up. I mentioned to my niece last Thursday that I was planning to go to Museo Pambata in Manila on a Saturday. Then I decided the plan to push-through right away and I went to my ate's house before 2:30 PM. We rode an FX to LRT Katipunan Station, rode the LRT 2 train to Recto Station then we transfered to LRT 1 Doroteo Jose Station to go to U.N. Avenue Station. There I had memory problem on how we should go to Museo Pambata. We took the long route at the side of Supreme Court, reached Robinson's Manila mall and the U.S. Embassy.

After more steps, we were able to arrive at Museo Pambata, just beside the Embassy, around 4:30PM. And since the museum is going to close at 5PM, we decided not to enter anymore. We crossed the Roxas Boulevard, there is Luneta Park. We walked a little and took some photos of her until we reached the Children's Playground, across the Lapu-Lapu statue. And there my niece and I realized that U.N. Avenue Station is just so near to the playground, if only we turned right -- to General Luna St. and not went to the direction of Padre Faura. But at least, now we know the correct directions and my niece also quoted "at least, pumayat tayo / di ako napagod kasi mahilig ako maglakad" / "at least, we got thinner / i did not get tired because I love to walk"

We entered Children's Playground, my second time to visit the place. The first time I went there was in summer of 2007 or 2006??? The place was almost abandoned, there were only few people and the structures were ruined. But today, we saw a very colorful playground where a lot of kids and families were having fun time. The structures were repaired, plus re-painted by volunteers from the College of Fine Arts of University of the Philippines - Diliman.  My niece was really excited and I took photos of her every time she was trying a play structure. She enjoyed the long slide and climbing the bridges. We spent at least an hour to maximize the remaining daylight.

I recommend Luneta Children's Playground to be included in your Family Day's outdoor activity plan. The entrance fee is only P10. There are tables for picnic but I think you should bring your own chairs or just use blankets though I did not find grassy areas inside. There is also a medical team at the entrance. Kids should be spending their younger years playing outdoor and have social interactions with other children instead of boxing their self with digital gadgets.

POEMATIC 03.24.11 This is what you call FREEDOM

sweet life! sweet surrender!

I never knew true freedom until today
And “THIS IS IT”, I could finally say;
Your love and mercy made everything this way
A perfect timing for each circumstance

Former days filled with joy were no accident
For You had good plans for me
I never knew until today
And “THIS IS IT”, I could finally laugh about my gaffes

Your unfailing love and mercies are new every morning
A perfect timing you prepared for me
A day still filled with joy and will continue until tomorrow
I had my own plans but You guided me all the time

I never knew what patience was all about until today

[words by Madz Madaje]

Hillsong United's Bone song from their latest album -- Aftermath
"Take me as I am / Awaken my heart to beat again"

Nuclear Radiation: What you need to know

Cute illustrations but scary information yet we have to know more about RADIATION via GMA News!

What is radiation?

Radiation is energy given off by matter in the form of rays or high-speed particles. There are many kinds of radiation and not all of them are dangerous.

Heat and light are actually types of radiation that humans can see and feel. However, there are other types that we can’t detect. One of these is particle or “nuclear" radiation, which is used in nuclear power plants.

The Japan earthquake and tsunami damaged many structures, including the Tokyo Electric Power Company’s nuclear power facility in Fukushima Prefecture on the coast of northeastern Japan.

In particular, the cooling facilities of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactors 1-4 have been damaged, making it difficult to close down the facilities entirely.

Rumors quickly spread that the nuclear radiation leaking from these reactors would reach the Philippines, where a spurious text message on Monday, March 14, sowed panic and confusion on the matter.

GMA News Online has created this document to answer some frequently asked questions and quell unfounded fears about the events currently unfolding in Fukushima, Japan.

For the complete article, visit GMA News Website.

BETTER FINDS: Good Morning Wednesday

EPJEY: Streams of X and Y

Before anything else, I would like to apologize for the late posting of this event. Nevertheless, attending this event is very noteworthy to me and I really would like to support my college classmate, Francis John Pacheco in his journey to fame and success, woohoo!

Last March 1, 2011, I went to visit the launch of his FIRST-EVER SOLO EXHIBIT at West Gallery, Quezon City. There I met my college classmates/friends Tina and Gian, and of course, the showman EPJEY PACHECO. His exhibit is called "STREAMS OF X & Y" where he used some of our college drafting plates what his whole creative mind would drive his verve in art. His artworks are interesting and were untitled, why? he told us that he wants to allow the viewers to have their own perspective to every piece they observe.

Epjey has been humble ever since we became classmates in college. Surely, he knows he is good... he has the talents and skills! But he was never insatiable, he also shares some of his techniques and very vocal about his point-of-views.

with Kristina Miranda

And after the Ondoy tragedy in 2009, I would never forget that he was the first in our block who texted to check his classmates if they’re okay. He gave me along with Ina — our other blockmate some donations. I really appreciated their support especially him who was also a victim of the flooding. I felt helpless that moment but they came to help.

And though I failed to go to his other exhibits, I really tried to see his solo exhibit this time. I am confident that Epjey Pacheco would be popularly known to the field of art. And hopefully, I would be able to visit his next show which for sure would be great!

Here's Sir Mark Salvatus --- former instructor at the College of Fine Arts and Design (CFAD - UST)

Visit his exhibit at West Gallery which will run until the 26th of March, 2011.

Read more about Pacheco’s exhibit at the website of West Gallery: link

Moonlight Shadow

It's Supermoon night and the moon is seen shining brightly despite of a cloudy sky. They say it's the biggest full moon in 18 years. Hmm but I could not compare. Anyhow, I photographed the moon around 12:40am to 1am.

And here's Kitchie Nadal's song "Buwan" from the album "Drama Queen TV".

Lumilikha tayo ng galaw
Husay ay kusang hahabol
Tuksong nakakapikon
Lilingon lamang sa tinig ng biro

Unti, unti-unting dumidilim
Ang paningin sa paligid ko
Sumayaw sa ilalim ng buwan
Kabaliwan ilabas mo nang mainam
Hangga't ikaw at ako'y magkapiling
Sumayaw sa ilalim ng buwan
Kabaliwan ilabas mo nang mainam
Hangga't ikaw at ako'y magkapiling

Ang buhay sa mundo nakalilito
Sumabay sa ihip ng usok
Di maasahan, di na masundan
Mga yapak sa lupa

Living the Life with Regatta

Yes, we're feeling the summer heat and we are sure preparing what to wear and what to have to a unforgettable getaway!
So here are some Lookbook images from Regatta's refreshing Summer 2011 Collection.
Available in all Regatta stores nationwide.

And you have until 12NOON of today to post your dream getaway in Facebook for a chance to be one of the 3 winners of P1,000 worth of Regatta gift certificates! Winners will be announced on Monday, March 21! (link: Regatta on Facebook)

click the thumbnails for larger view

With Unanswered Questions

[via OUR DAILY BREAD] In life, it sometimes seems as if we are
wandering in circles. We feel lost. We want to ask God, "Are we there yet?
How much longer?" At such times, it helps to remember
that the journey, not just the destination, is important to God.
He uses it to humble us, test us, and show us what is in our hearts.

Life Goes On!

I am really hooked on their version of the Beatles' popular song because everyone's there was just having fun and I love the part where they will pause and say the HA-HA-HA-HA line. Of course, I am easy to please and I appreciate simple things so I was enjoying the whole video. And whyyy am I even explaining myself here? ha-ha-ha!

Click for a larger view
I am a fan of Jars of Clay, I wish to see them perform live. Dan's really cute here, e! And of course, Nathan of MercyMe ;)

JOC already went to the Philippines and had a concert but I was still in college then (2005) and I couldn't afford buying a ticket. Well, I also appreciate the music of MercyMe like their song "I Can Only Imagine"

It's really good that there are more and more people with talent in music who use their gifts to praise and worship the Lord. They do good rock music with lyrics without vanity but just giving thanks to the Lord and living their purpose.

And here's their Youtube video.

be CAREFUL what you WISH for

Some cute Origami Mini Stars I made last year. These were put in a bottle and served as gift for we had our Kris Kringle in the office and there was like a DIY category. The bottle with more than 50 stars is now owned by my officemate Grizzy Gabales --- also a fashion blogger. I am planning to recreate these 3D stars for myself when I am not so busy anymore..... hmmm when will that be possible?

Help Japan!

March 11, 2011 --- Japan experienced the 5th strongest earthquake the earth had in history; with 8.9 magnitude followed by a frightening tsunami as hight as 10 meters that killed many, plus more and more are still missing.

How can we be of help?

First, PRAY for Japan’s recovery and its people to have strength and will to continue to live.

Faith can definitely move mountains and God is (still) good all the time. It’s still a blessing that the earthquake and tsunami happened in daylight, what if it happened at night? More people would be killed and not all in media and government could follow any comings and goings. And people on earth especially in other parts of Asia would just know about the news at the sunrise then other countries would probably be not ready to prepare their people in coastlines to evacuate temporarily for possible tsunami waves that would hit after few hours.

I have my sympathy to Japanese people. Especially the family members who were not together during the tragedy and the old people without company who could not even stand and get out of their houses after hearing the evacuation warning. For sure, they were now amongst the rising death toll in northern Japan.

Second, I just checked CNN’s website and found that Google also is assisting in helping victims touch base with friends and loved ones. Its People Finder, which was tracking more than 7,000 records as of noon Friday, allows users to look for victims or post information about people. It works in five languages.

Third, World Vision is has announced global mobilization in response to tsunami warnings. Two ways to donate to Japan quake and tsunami relief — Text ’4JAPAN’ to ’20222′ to give a $10 donation. Or donate online.

Fourth, with Convoy of Hope (a non-profit and faith based organization) for disaster relief efforts, you can donate either online or via text message by texting TSUNAMI to 50555.

Fifth, if you’re living in US: The American Red Cross accepts donations via text message. Text "redcross" to 90999, and you can make a $10 donation to the organization. It will show up on your next mobile phone bill.
But if you're here in the Philippines, Groupon  offers a deal in donating P100 only to the victims and Groupon PH will match your donation. All donations will be given to Red Cross International Relief Fund for Japan.


During the Ondoy tragedy last 2009, we received a lot of text messages regarding the releasing of water from other dams in Luzon, adding fright to affected people who did not know how to start cleaning up and continue living.

For more ways on how to help, visit the following links... thank you!

God is merciful.
God's love will never fail.
God is near to the broken hearted.
With God all things are possible!

Curly Listening 03.08.11 She & Him


I was listening to She and Him’s “Why do you let me stay here?” song until I remembered my favorite line I learnt by heart since they launched this song. And for the love of Zooey Deschanel, here are some stills from the song’s official music video. She’s just so pretty, can’t get enough of her

"Give credit where credit is due."
Prov. Acknowledge someone's contribution or ability.