I'll still find you outside the public library

I don't want to spend another day in this city.
I woke up thirsty, it's hard to go back you know.
Let's not fall back to sleep like we used to, do you remember?
I don't want to wake up knowing I don't have a future.

Impossible. Your love is something I cannot remember.
And there's a first time and a second time, you've got to hold on.
Did you know it could happen to you?
Your love is something I cannot remember

Shout Out Louds - Impossible}

lazy Saturday of October

He really hates seeing my camera (why Tofi, why?)
my favorite accessories and a self-portrait
(Photo in BW: Accessories by Grizzy Gabales /
Giraffe Necklace bought from Gateway Mall a long long time ago)

ABCs of Anger Management

I believe that my patience is well-tested through the years but there were moments wherein I just blew off my anger and hurt people, so let me have this opportunity to say sorry and I’ll be nicer next time. Pray for me not to offend to the summit since I always choose to be quiet of expressing my own thoughts. That’s why when I reach my boiling point; I could not stop saying mean things. So here is a good advice from Miss Maloi Malibiran-Salumbides of Protips via DZAS AM Station last October 20, 2010.

Also available in MP3 format, download here

A - Admit that you are not perfect yourself.
Let him who is without sin cast the first stone ~ John 8:7
Pero kung hindi ka naman perfect, aba, ay matutong pahabain ang iyong pisi para sa ibang tao!

B - Before flaring up, check if you have contributed to the problem that angers you.
Get the log out of your own eye ~ Matthew 7:5

C - Control your emotion and even your tone of voice.
If you need to vent your heat, do it on something not someone.

D – Decide not to sin in your anger.
Anger is a legitimate emotion but it discourages us from sinning in our anger.
Be angry, but don't sin ~ Ephesians 4:26

E – Exhale.
Breathe in and breathe out. And you also need to exhale a prayer to God.

What does Great Migrations mean to you?

National Geographic Channel Asia is holding a Photo Contest on the question of “What does Great Migrations mean to you?”... What is the prize? Just a Canon EOS 550D!!!


Some of its fabulous features:
18MP sensor compared to the Nikon D90 with a 12.3MP sensor, superior HD video recording capabilities and high ISO boost up to 12,800!


I have already submitted 2 entries and I would like to ask for your votes; see photos and details below. Thanks much! ♥♥♥

He is small yet he was unbeaten in getting off a hungry crowd to have free food

and/or LIKE ENTRY #2
 Neither understanding nor unevenness should stop the humanity to breed for more heroes

Judging will be done by fans' likes and judging panel. Contest runs from October 11 to Nov 30 of this year.


He is no Cho Kyuhyun without a neck or bow tie hahaha so here are some designs from Graham Withers Clothing. These are really preppy with pretty patterns. I am not into bow ties for guys but whenever I see Kyuhyun wearing one, I cannot stop thinking how cute a guy if he could pull together the perfect last minute outfit with one of these!

(Images: Kyuhyun screen-caps from Super Junior's Super Girl MV / Bow Ties from grahamwithersclothing.com)

BETTER FINDS: Polaroller coasters

Don't you find these coasters really beautiful and lovely? I want to own one or at least make some of my photos like these... not bad, eh?

"A MUST HAVE for any Polaroid lover. This fun Polaroid ceramic coaster is created using my original photography shot with analog cameras.  Leave it scattered around the table for instant happiness!"justnoey's shop 

(click the image for larger view... images by justnoey)


So a new collection of Bang Bang's already up in the World Wide Web.

Bang Bang a clothing brand from Korea where Lee Min Ho (Personal Taste/Preference) and Han Ji Hye (East of Eden) are the endorsers.

I find their previous spring/summer ads lovely and interesting. Very nautical, romantic and preppy at the same time...

...just like Regatta --- local leisure clothing brand from Golden ABC, check out Regatta at Facebook. Find Regatta boutiques at Ayala Trinoma, Gateway Araneta, Alabang Town Center, Greenbelt 3, Glorietta 3 and SM The Block malls.

there goes the world off of my shoulders

such a tiring week along with people trying to put you down....
Dear Lord, please shower me with positive vibes and courage.

So here are some lines from Lifehouse's Quasimodo.

does it scare you that I can
be something different than you
would it make you feel more comfortable if I wasn't
you can't control me
and you can't take away from me who I am

shiny happy kids

image of these little curly kids from Mishalulu

I really love kids with minds so surprisingly broad and creative. They know what to do when bored and how to be thankful to little things. They appreciate life to the fullest. They fight with their best friends and be okay again after few minutes. They see love, they feel and share it. I find them really sweet and innocent yet their crazy ideas about anything are really fun to know.

sorry, but I really feel burdened by electing undeserving public officials

So here are some researches regarding the functions and responsibilities of our Barangay officials (thanks to Wikipedia) that might help us to think deeper regarding who are the deserving people we should vote on October 25, 2010. And since barangay is Philippine's smallest political unit then we should be more careful upon deciding to whom we are going to entrust our hopes and dreams.

I've witnessed a barangay without united rulers which resulted to disorderliness and people unconcerned to their neighbors and environment. And as what Efren G. PeƱaflorida's had said during his speech at CNN Awards Event, "You are the change that you dream and collectively we are the change this world needs to be", then we should not forget how to love our own life, people, nature and so our government leaders. We have to submit to them and support their visions. God made us caretakers of His beautiful creations and we Filipinos are very lucky on having this freedom we know but we should be wise when and how to use it.

And so let's be in one heart, one vision... let's all vote for people we think are committed to the public and we sure want to support once elected with their projects. Pilipinas, kaya natin ito!!!